Obama Privately Doubts Biden as Re-election Campaign Faces Turmoil

As he hits the campaign trail for Joe Biden’s bid for re-election, Barack Obama is reportedly feeling the heat as concerns mount over Biden’s shaky performance.

According to reports from the Washington Post, Obama, who once served as Biden’s boss, has been rattled by Biden’s lackluster showing during a recent debate, sparking fears that Biden’s chances of clinching another term in the White House are slipping away.

Despite offering a sympathetic ear to Biden in the aftermath of the disastrous debate, Obama is said to have expressed privately to his close confidants that Biden’s road to victory is looking narrower by the day.

Notably, Obama’s reservations about Biden are nothing new. Back in 2016, Obama had sidelined Biden’s aspirations for a presidential bid in favor of Hillary Clinton. Even during Biden’s current run, rumors swirled about Obama cautioning against underestimating Biden’s potential to stumble.

Obama’s concerns seem to have been validated as Biden struggles to gain traction against the backdrop of a formidable opponent like Donald Trump. What was supposed to be a mission to keep Trump out of office has morphed into a bout of uncertainty, leaving Obama apprehensive about Biden’s chances.

Despite the turmoil behind the scenes, Obama has chosen to publicly display unwavering support for his former deputy. While acknowledging that rough debate performances happen, Obama has portrayed the upcoming election as a stark choice between Biden’s purported commitment to the common man and Trump’s alleged self-serving agenda.

With the Biden campaign extending gratitude for Obama’s steadfast backing, the pressure on Biden has mounted with calls for him to step down resonating across some Democratic circles. Despite facing mounting calls to relinquish his candidacy, Biden defiantly asserts his determination to stay in the race, drawing on his resilience in the face of adversity.

As the political storm surrounding Biden escalates, Obama’s private misgivings offer a glimpse into the mounting concerns within Democratic circles as the party grapples with the reality of Biden’s struggle to secure a second term.

Written by Staff Reports

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