Obama’s Guru Tells Biden to Quit: Stunned by Trump’s Comeback in Swing States!

In a stunning turn of events, David Axelrod, the mastermind behind Barack Obama’s miraculous election victory in 2008, has called for President Joe Biden to throw in the towel. According to Axelrod, recent polling has shown that Biden is lagging far behind former President Donald Trump in five of the six swing states that truly matter.

Axelrod, in an exclusive thread on X that was obtained by Fox News, urged Biden to carefully consider stepping aside and allowing the next generation of Democrats to vie for the party’s nomination. He posed a crucial question: Is it wise for Biden to continue running? Surely, Biden must weigh whether it is in his own best interest or in the best interest of the country to carry on.

Axelrod acknowledged that changing horses this late in the race would be quite a gamble. However, he insisted that the recent polling results leave no room for doubt: Biden is in real trouble. The President finds himself trailing Trump in the crucial swing states of Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – states that he had won handily in the 2020 election. To make matters worse, Biden holds only a meager two percent lead in Wisconsin.

The poll numbers reveal some astonishing facts. Among young voters, Biden and Trump are essentially neck and neck, demolishing the myth that the younger generation leans heavily towards the left. And in a surge of support that defies all expectations, Trump is earning up to 22 percent endorsement from Black voters in the states where he holds sway. Such a feat is unheard of for a Republican candidate in the post-Civil Rights era.

Axelrod was quick to point out that the factor working most against Biden is his advanced age. As the oldest-ever president of the United States, Biden has suffered a string of embarrassing incidents, be it trips, stumbles, or other senior moments. These mishaps have solidified concerns about his fitness for office in the minds of voters. Even though President Trump also has high disapproval ratings, Axelrod warned against underestimating the steadfastness of voters who simply refuse to warm up to Biden’s presumable opponent.

The stakes, Axelrod argued, couldn’t be higher. Biden would be making a grave mistake if he were to dismiss the concerns and miscalculate the level of support he truly commands. It is a critical moment that demands careful analysis and introspection from the President. Will he continue to slog ahead, clinging to his diminishing lead, or will he make the bold decision to step aside and pass the torch to a new generation of Democrats? Only time will tell.

Written by Staff Reports

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Trump Takes Lead in 5 Swing States: Biden Trembles!