Pelosi Claims Trump Has Dementia, Defends Biden Amid Poor Debate

Nancy Pelosi just can’t quit Donald Trump, can she? The former House Speaker from sunny California is back at it, tossing out claims that former President Donald Trump has “dementia.” Yes, you read that right. Pelosi, whose own wrinkles could be carbon-dated, believes she’s got a medical degree from the land of make-believe. According to her, some elusive “healthcare professionals” have spilled the beans about Trump’s mental health. Sounds legit, right?

When asked if Joe Biden might take a knee before the final whistle and step aside from his reelection bid, Pelosi stuck to her guns, insisting that her fellow Californians still have Biden’s back, despite having to witness him struggle through a debate performance more sleep-inducing than Ambien. Pelosi argued that Biden has the stamina to keep going. Apparently, watching a man shuffle like he’s auditioning for “The Walking Dead” wasn’t enough to raise her eyebrows.

And of course, Pelosi couldn’t miss the chance for a parting shot at Trump. She suggested that if we’re comparing mental acuity, let’s be “fair” about it—since fairness is exactly what the Democrats are famous for. She contended that Trump’s thoughts don’t connect and that he’s so far removed from reality, he doesn’t even know the truth. Meanwhile, Biden’s mental misfires are supposed to be ignored like a fly at a picnic.

Pelosi did admit that Biden had “a bad night” during the debate, but reassured everyone that he’s had a “great presidency.” One has to wonder if she’s referring to the “great” inflation rates, “great” border crisis, or the incredibly “great” way America’s standing in the world has plummeted. But hey, Pelosi urged voters to just “move on” from that debate performance, like the Democrats prefer to “move on” from logic and common sense. 


Pelosi appeared not in the least concerned that Biden might drag other Democrats down with his sinking ship of a campaign. Ever the optimist, she claimed the Democrats will definitely reclaim the House in 2024. Fundraising apparently took a sweet bump post-debate, as if throwing money at a problem ever solved anything.

For those who live in reality, recent polling data shows that 72% of respondents don’t believe Biden has the mental and cognitive chops to keep playing president, up from 65% before his somnambulant debate showing. But don’t let facts get in the way of Pelosi’s cheerleading.

Rep. Jamie Raskin added his two cents, suggesting the Democrats are having “serious conversations” about Biden’s future. Despite Biden’s memory issues making him come off as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” in a February report by former special counsel Robert Hur, Raskin insists the party will be unified, whether Biden sticks around or wanders off into the sunset.

It looks like it’s going to be an entertaining year, filled with Pelosi’s usual mix of audacity and absurdity. Stay tuned.

Written by Staff Reports

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