Pelosi Denounces New York Times for Misrepresenting Remarks on Biden’s 2024 Candidacy

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) clashed with the New York Times after they twisted her words regarding President Joe Biden’s potential reevaluation of his 2024 candidacy. This incident highlights the ongoing turmoil surrounding Biden’s reelection prospects following his lackluster debate performance.

The New York Times initially reported that Pelosi had advised Biden to “reconsider” his decision to run, a claim vehemently denied by the former House Speaker’s office. Pelosi’s team fired back, criticizing the newspaper for its inaccurate portrayal of her remarks and emphasizing that the decision to run ultimately rests with the president himself.

In response to the Times’ article titled “Pelosi Suggests That Biden Reconsider Decision to Stay in the Race,” Pelosi clarified that she supports Biden’s autonomy in making the final decision about his political future. Despite urging Biden to make a timely choice, Pelosi made it clear that she respects his agency in this matter.

Although the Times updated the article to reflect Pelosi’s clarification, they framed her comments as a significant event causing confusion among Democrats regarding Biden’s candidacy. However, Pelosi promptly corrected any misunderstanding by affirming her commitment to standing by Biden’s decision, whatever it may be.

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Written by Staff Reports

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