Pelosi Reels as ABC News Pokes Holes in Biden’s Re-Election Chances

Nancy Pelosi got a taste of real journalism for a change, and her reaction was nothing short of priceless. The Democrats, long pampered by a compliant media, are suddenly uncomfortable being grilled about their precious Joe Biden. When Rachel Scott from ABC News dared to ask Pelosi about Biden’s future, it was clear the Dems have no good answers. Biden’s created this mess, and he’s not leaving, and Democrats are left stewing in their own ineptitude. Congressional Democrats are freaking out, fearing Biden will drag them down in the next election. They aren’t wrong.

Pelosi danced around the issue in her usual style on Morning Joe, saying it’s up to Biden to decide if he’s running and that they’ll all support whatever he decides. Translation: They’re stuck with him and just hoping for a miracle. Meanwhile, Pelosi stopped just short of openly calling for Biden to bow out, something Biden’s handlers definitely didn’t want to hear. The chorus of Democrats hinting that maybe, just maybe, Biden should step aside is growing louder. The whispers questioning his electability are turning into a roar.

The seasoned politician bared her frustration during the exchange with Scott. She insisted she wouldn’t air her thoughts on Biden’s future or the “fate of our nation” in the hallway, snapping back at Scott with, “Am I speaking English to you? I’m not going to be making any statements about any of that right now in the hallway.” Pelosi’s irritation was palpable as she tried to deflect warranted scrutiny. 


Pelosi isn’t used to this kind of pressure from the media. PBS’ Judy Woodruff saw it during the COVID pandemic, MSNBC’s Katy Tur this year, and now ABC’s Rachel Scott. For years, Pelosi benefited from a free pass from journalists who parroted her talking points. Those days are over when it comes to Biden’s questionable viability as a candidate in 2024. The press has smelled blood in the water since June 27, making Joe’s evident decline into a major story.

Pelosi might need to come up with more creative diversions than her husband’s drunk driving escapades if she wants to change the narrative. The reality is, until Biden undergoes an imaginary miracle recovery, these uncomfortable questions aren’t going away. Get ready, Nancy, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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