Pelosi Silences Biden Retirement Talk Amid NATO Summit

Nancy Pelosi is at it again, this time trying to play damage control for the Democratic Party by putting a gag order on discussions about President Biden's potential retirement until after the NATO summit. Biden is conveniently shielded by Pelosi's strategic call to silence while hosting a celebration for NATO's 75th anniversary in Washington, D.C.. No call for the president to step down, just a conveniently timed delay.

Biden's track record of dodging responsibilities continues as Pelosi jumps on MSNBC's Morning Joe to keep dissenting voices in line. With Pelosi not directly asking Biden to step aside, it seems more like a lip service to unity while silently crossing fingers behind her back, hoping he can keep it together for a few more days. Whatever Biden decides, Pelosi urges everyone to play nice and keep criticisms under wraps until after the summit. Because, apparently, discussing the leader of the free world's competence can wait as he hobnobs with NATO allies.

Without giving a straight answer on whether Biden should run or not, Pelosi underscores that the ball is in Biden's court but heavily implies that he should hurry up and make a decision. She says time is of the essence as if the Democrats aren't already watching their chances crumble in slow motion. The NATO summit wraps up on Thursday, capped by a Biden solo press conference, a high-stakes performance given his recent faceplant in the Atlanta debate, which left many questioning his mental fitness.

All this while Biden, who steadfastly declares he's not going anywhere, falls further behind in the polls against former President Donald Trump. Democrats have been bickering among themselves since June 27, contemplating whether to swap out the top of their presidential ticket. So far, almost a dozen House Democrats have had enough and are openly calling for Biden to step aside, yet their Senate counterparts remain notably silent.

Senator Michael Bennet, however, couldn't help but throw a little caution to the wind, warning on Tuesday that a Biden-led ticket spells disaster for the Democrats. Even the eternally optimistic can see the writing on the wall. Trouble is brewing in liberal paradise, and Pelosi's attempt to delay these conversations won't stop the inevitable fracture within the Democratic Party.

Written by Staff Reports

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