Pelosi Slams Jordan as Speaker, Ignores Dems’ Riots

In a typical display of partisan pettiness, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the opportunity to launch a scathing attack on Republican Representative Jim Jordan. On MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Pelosi deemed the possibility of Jordan becoming Speaker of the House as “appalling.” But really, Nancy? Appalling? Talk about hyperbole.

Pelosi went on to accuse House Republicans of being in denial about the election and lacking any interest in the peaceful transfer of power. She rambled about the violence and the desecration of the Capitol on that fateful day while conveniently forgetting the countless riots and destruction caused by left-wing activists throughout the year. But let’s not allow facts to get in the way of a good narrative, right?

Fox News reported that Jordan had lost a second-round vote in his bid for the Speaker’s gavel, with 22 Republicans voting against him. Apparently, the Republican Party isn’t willing to blindly support someone just because of their party affiliation. Unlike the Democrats, who often march in lockstep, Republicans have the audacity to think for themselves and vote according to their own beliefs and principles.

The Associated Press described the House as being at a standstill, stuck in limbo without a leader. Oh, the horror! But here’s a thought: if Republicans and Democrats were actually willing to work together instead of engaging in petty power struggles, maybe something productive could be accomplished. But that would require putting the American people before partisan bickering, something that seems too difficult for our so-called leaders.

As the House remains in disarray, Pelosi’s comments about Jordan being “appalling” seem like nothing more than baseless personal attacks. It’s clear that she is more interested in tearing down Republicans than in finding a solution to the leadership crisis. But hey, why focus on the real issues when you can hurl insults instead?

The future remains uncertain for the House’s leadership, and it’s unsettling to think what might happen if Republicans are forced to strike a deal with Democrats. We can only hope that any compromise is made with caution and careful consideration for conservative values and principles. It’s a constant battle to ensure that the left doesn’t gain too much power and push their radical agenda even further.

In conclusion, as Republicans navigate the treacherous waters of choosing a new Speaker of the House, it’s unsurprising to see Democrats like Pelosi resort to personal attacks and inflammatory language. But let’s not be swayed by their rhetoric. We need strong conservative leadership that will stand up for our values and work towards a brighter future for our great nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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