Pentagon Grilled: US Weapons in Hamas Hands?!

House Oversight Committee Republicans are demanding answers from the Pentagon regarding the presence of American-made weapons in the hands of Hamas terrorists. Lawmakers expressed their concern about reports indicating that U.S.-manufactured firearms, including advanced ones, have been ending up in the possession of Hamas and other terrorist organizations. The lawmakers cited media reports suggesting that these weapons may have been diverted or resold on secondary markets.

The lawmakers specifically mentioned the stockpile of approximately $7 billion worth of arms left behind during the Afghanistan withdrawal as one possible source of these U.S.-made weapons. They also noted that arms provided to Ukraine for its conflict with Russia may be finding their way into the Middle East through various actors, including criminal groups involved in smuggling.

Given the recent terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas against Israeli civilians, the lawmakers find it particularly alarming that U.S.-made weapons could be in the hands of terrorists. To address their concerns, they have demanded a staff briefing from the Pentagon by the end of October to learn about the procedures in place to prevent weapon diversion abroad.

The lawmakers referenced a Newsweek report that highlighted Israel’s concern that American-made weapons supplied to Ukraine might be reaching Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, such as Hezbollah and Hamas. However, the report acknowledged that further investigation is necessary to determine the exact source of these weapons in Gaza.

The letter from the House Oversight Committee Republicans also mentioned the Taliban’s seizure of approximately $7 billion worth of U.S. weapons and equipment left behind in Afghanistan following the U.S. withdrawal. This incident further reinforces lawmakers’ concerns about the misappropriation of American-made weapons by terrorist organizations.

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