Poll: Majority of Americans Reject Gender Identity Theory – Biology Matters!

A survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Washington Post revealed that most Americans do not believe that sex can change at birth. The results of the poll showed that over half of Americans think that the biological basis of sex is determined by sex when it's born. It is very frustrating to see people argue that such things don't matter.

According to the poll, many Americans are aware of what they don't want, such as hormone therapy for minors and the teaching of gender identity to young kids.

According to survey participant and behavior therapist, Alyssa Wells, she is mainly concerned about transgenderism due to how it can affect children. She said that she fears that people will start believing that they can change their bodies' anatomy.

The survey results show that most Americans support legislation that would prevent discrimination against individuals who are transgender. Support for this measure can be found in various areas, such as healthcare, education, housing, and insurance. But many people are against the use of hormones and puberty blockers for kids aged 10 to 14.

Most survey respondents were against teaching about gender identity in schools. They also think that individuals who identify as transgender should not be allowed in women's sports when they're young. Most people find it unfair that these individuals can compete against biological females.

Although the survey results show that majority support for legislation aimed at protecting transgender individuals from discrimination, most Americans are against teaching kids about gender identity. They also think it's too sensationalized. The survey also revealed that most people don't want to see hormone therapy and puberty blockers for young adults and children.

The main concern of citizens is that young people are being encouraged to become part of the transgender community. With some resistance, this issue may be addressed, allowing people to voice their opinions without being coerced into blindly following politically correct guidelines.

Source: Trending Politics

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