Poll Shows Independents View Biden as Greater Threat to Democracy Than Trump

A recent poll revealed that independent voters think President Joe Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than former President Donald Trump. This surprising finding was discussed on a left-leaning network, and the reactions were quite interesting.

MSNBC’s Ana Cabrera brought up the poll and her guest, Susan Del Percio, a Republican strategist, expressed shock and confusion at the results. Del Percio appeared baffled by the notion that more independent voters perceive Biden as a threat to democracy compared to Trump.

The conversation on MSNBC sparked numerous reactions on social media, with many pointing out the network’s partisan bias against Trump. Critics highlighted the lack of objectivity on the network, given its history of attacking Trump and promoting anti-Trump sentiments.

The poll results seem contradictory to the narrative pushed by Biden and the media about defending democracy. The Biden administration has consistently portrayed Trump supporters as a threat to democracy. However, many argue that it is the Biden administration itself that poses a danger to American freedoms.

Furthermore, the Justice Department and the Democratic Party have been accused of engaging in political persecution under the guise of law, particularly in their pursuit of criminal charges against Trump. This has raised concerns about the potential abuse of power and the erosion of democratic principles.

In light of these developments, it is clear that many Republican voters and a majority of independents perceive the Biden administration as a threat to democracy. The upcoming election will likely serve as a critical indicator of public sentiment on this issue.

The Western Journal has been vocal about its fight against Big Tech and the forces seeking to silence conservative voices. The outlet emphasizes the importance of continued support in the face of challenges posed by powerful elites.

The article concludes with a plea for readers to stand with The Western Journal and resist efforts to undermine conservative values and free speech. It underscores the importance of unity in the fight for America’s future.

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