Poll Shows Trump Better Defender of Constitution Than Biden

In the upcoming 2024 election, President Joe Biden seems to be losing the support of many Americans when it comes to preserving and protecting the Constitution of the United States. Despite the warnings from liberals that “democracy itself” is at stake and the media’s claims that bedrock tenets of our democracy are being tested, a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports suggests otherwise. The poll, which included likely voters from different political affiliations, found that a significant number of respondents believe that former President Donald Trump was a better protector of democracy than Biden.

According to the poll, when asked whether Biden has done a better job or a worse job than Trump in preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution, 47% of likely voters responded that Biden has done a worse job, while only 40% said he has done a better job. Additionally, a majority of likely voters, 55%, expressed that Biden has done a poor job in protecting the Constitution.

The poll also highlighted the partisan divide in opinions, with more Republicans than Democrats having a “very favorable” opinion of the Constitution. This suggests that Biden’s performance in preserving and defending the Constitution has not garnered widespread support, especially among Republican voters.

Overall, the poll’s findings raise concerns about Biden’s ability to uphold his oath of office and protect the Constitution, particularly as the 2024 election approaches. As former President Trump gains momentum, it appears that Democrats are losing one of their key talking points, and the issue of preserving democracy is increasingly being associated with Republicans.

Written by Staff Reports

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