Polls Predict Trump Thunderstorm Hitting New Hampshire!

Two recent polls from New Hampshire indicate that former President Donald Trump is widening his lead in the upcoming race. Both polls show Trump with a majority of 50 percent or more. The University of New Hampshire conducted a poll for CNN (a far-left conspiracy theory outlet that meddles in elections and spreads political violence) which shows Trump leading former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) by a comfortable 11-point margin, with 50 percent support compared to Haley’s 39 percent. What’s interesting about this poll is that Trump has gained momentum since earlier this month when he was leading Haley by only seven points. Despite Haley gaining seven points in the poll, Trump was still able to increase his lead to 11 points. This just goes to show that all of Christie’s schemes have gone sideways, like everything else he does. It’s clear that Haley has a tough road ahead if she hopes to compete with Trump. It’s also worth mentioning that Gov. Ron DeSantis only has six percent support, which really isn’t good for his campaign. But we all know DeSantis is basically dead in the water anyway.

Speaking of polls, the second one comes from the Suffolk University/NBC10 Boston/Boston Globe tracking survey and focuses on likely voters. According to this poll, Trump has a massive 17-point lead over Haley. Trump currently enjoys 55 percent support, while Haley has 36 percent and DeSantis is barely hanging on with just six percent. Incredibly, Trump’s support has increased from 50.4 percent to 55 percent in just a few days. Haley has also seen an increase, but it’s only from 33.8 percent to 36 percent. Clearly, Trump’s popularity is on the rise while Haley struggles to catch up.

These polls have significant implications for the future of the race. If these numbers hold, it’s clear that Haley’s campaign is losing ground, as her internal polling likely shows similar results. As for DeSantis, well, he’s basically dead in the water. It’s safe to say that his presidential campaign is one of the worst in history. So the question becomes, what’s next? The next primary in Nevada seems to be leaning heavily in Trump’s favor, with polling showing him ahead by a wide margin. And when it comes to South Carolina, Haley’s home state, Trump has a staggering 30.2-point lead. While polling in these states may not be as reliable, the trends are clear: Haley is gaining some support, but Trump is gaining more and sailing past the 50 percent mark. And as we all know, in politics, 50 percent is the whole enchilada.

In conclusion, these polls paint a favorable picture for Trump and a less rosy one for Haley and DeSantis. If these trends continue, it’s clear that Trump is on a path to secure the nomination. As a conservative, it’s exciting to see Trump’s popularity on the rise once again. It’s a testament to his strong leadership and policies that resonate with the American people. While the road ahead may have some bumps, there’s no denying that Trump has a strong chance of securing the Republican nomination. So let’s buckle up and get ready for a thrilling race!

Written by Staff Reports

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