Polls Show More Fear Biden Over Trump as Democracy Threat

MSNBC has been stirring up quite a fuss over recent polling results about who Americans see as the real threat to democracy. According to the polls, more independents are worried about Joe Biden “weakening democracy” than former President Donald Trump. This has left the MSNBC panel scratching their heads in confusion.

It’s no surprise that Biden is losing support from key groups like black and Hispanic voters. Even among women, a crucial demographic, Biden seems to be faltering. The fact that independents, who often sway elections, see Biden as a bigger threat to America than Trump is a troubling sign for the current administration.

It’s clear that MSNBC and their panel members are out of touch with reality. Instead of acknowledging the concerns of the American people, they dismiss the polling results as outliers. Their tunnel vision and bias towards the Democratic narrative blinds them to the truth.

The irony is that while Biden tries to paint Trump as a threat to democracy, it is his own actions that are weakening America. From mishandling domestic issues like immigration and inflation to stumbling on the world stage with foreign policy, Biden’s presidency has been marked by failures that are evident to the American people.

In the end, it’s important for news outlets like MSNBC to step out of their echo chambers and listen to the concerns of all Americans. Ignoring or dismissing valid polling data only further alienates them from the truth and from the conservative viewpoints that many Americans hold dear.

Written by Staff Reports

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