Press Briefing Turns Chaotic as Reporter Questions Biden’s Cognitive State

From yesterday’s White House press briefing came another circus show, courtesy of Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who was once again put in the unenviable position of trying to make sense of the nonsensical. The inquiries were as predictable as they were biting: Did Biden have something like a cold during last week’s debate where Donald Trump essentially dismantled him piece by piece? Does Biden spend more time napping than governing? Does he even have the cognitive ability to function past 4 p.m.? Spoiler alert: there was a whole lot of dodging and very little in the way of straightforward answers. One thing was certain though, Biden has no intention of stepping down.

Enter former Fox News reporter James Rosen, who casually dropped a comment that sent NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell into a fit. O’Donnell posed a question asking if Biden was staying in the race and if he could personally come to the press room to confirm it.

The room’s collective gasp was almost audible when Rosen quipped from the background about Biden appearing only if he’s awake. This was too much for the ever-vigilant O’Donnell, who promptly branded the comment as inappropriate, much to Jean-Pierre’s relief, one imagines.

The scene played out like a poorly written sitcom. “If he’s awake,” Rosen’s comment, may as well have been a wrecking ball crashing through the White House’s already cracked façade of competence. Jean-Pierre whispered her thanks under her breath, seeing her only victory in trying to curtail the damage.

This little drama highlighted what everyone in that room knew but were unwilling to admit: Biden’s mental faculties are on a steady decline. The mainstream media played its part, continuing to parrot the official lines while acting shocked that anyone would dare point out the emperor has no clothes. The faux outrage from the press was palpable. Major media outlets, shedding crocodile tears, bemoaned, pretending they were blindsided by Biden’s diminishing state.

The best response across the political spectrum? Laughter. The media, trying to be the brave palace guards while also playing victim, reached peak absurdity. In their ritualized gasp of decorum, they revealed exactly what everyone suspected—they’re more interested in guarding their narrative than reporting the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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