Pro-Palestine Activists Illegally Occupy Building at UC Berkeley

Radical troublemakers have struck again, this time at the University of California Berkeley! A group of pro-Palestine activists decided they were above the rules and took over a building on campus like they own the place. The Daily Californian, the student newspaper, spilled the tea on this chaotic situation.

These activists boldly stormed into the Anna Head Alumnae Hall, waving the Palestinian flag and shouting slogans like “Free Gaza.” It’s like they watched too many action movies and thought they were the heroes. The university had just reached a deal with protesters to end their encampment, but these rebels clearly didn’t get the memo. 


The ringleader of this circus declared, “Saying ‘free Palestine’ is not enough, you have to put action behind your words.” Well, looks like they took that a bit too literally. The university made it clear that these troublemakers were not part of the agreement they had worked so hard to negotiate.

Chancellor Carol Christ had agreed to look into the university’s investments as a gesture of goodwill to the protesters. However, she made it crystal clear that divesting from Israel was not on the table. It’s like offering someone a cake but saying they can’t have a slice – talk about a tease!

The wave of pro-Palestinian protests across the nation has raised eyebrows for their often pro-Hamas and antisemitic undertones. Campus protests have turned into full-blown sleepovers on university property. UC Berkeley was just one battlefield in this saga, with some universities seeing peaceful resolutions while others faced police intervention.

As the dust settles, it’s clear that these activist antics are not just misguided but also illegal under California law. Maybe next time they want to make a statement, they should try something a little more lawful. But hey, where’s the excitement in that, right?

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