Pro-Palestinian Protesters Disrupt Met Gala, NYPD Boosts Security

In New York City, a group of pro-Palestinian protesters made attempts to disrupt the prestigious Met Gala, which takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The event, known for its A-list celebrity attendees and extravagant outfits, was targeted by the protesters who broke through barricades set up by the police in an effort to reach the venue.

The protesters, participating in the “Citywide Day of Rage for Gaza,” commenced their activities at Hunter College before proceeding towards the Met Gala’s location on Fifth Avenue. Some of the demonstrators were witnessed breaking through the barricades and causing commotion, leading to arrests by the New York City Police Department.

In addition to breaching the barricades, the protesters were observed setting off smoke bombs and flares as they attempted to advance toward the Met. Despite these disruptions, the event continued inside the Met without further interference from the protesters.

The NYPD, in response to the situation, had announced an increase in security measures near the event which included deploying additional law enforcement personnel to maintain order. The police department emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and security of the Met Gala and its attendees.

Notably, protests against Israel have been prevalent on college campuses, with Columbia University experiencing significant disruptions due to anti-Israel demonstrations. The university had to clear its encampment and will have the NYPD present on campus for the remainder of the academic year. Consequently, the main commencement ceremony at the university was canceled due to the ongoing protests.

As the situation develops, the Washington Examiner has sought comment from the NYPD for further details on the incident near the Met Gala. Please stay tuned for further updates on this breaking news.

Written by Staff Reports

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