Rep Ronny Jackson Demands Biden Take Drug Test Before Debate

Former White House doctor and Texas Republican lawmaker Ronny Jackson has called on President Joe Biden to undergo a drug test before the upcoming debate with former President Donald Trump, citing concerns over potential performance-enhancing drugs. Jackson emphasized the importance of ensuring the President’s ability to fulfill his duties without the influence of any substances that could alter his performance.

Jackson, who previously served as the physician to former Presidents Barack Obama and Trump, stressed the need for transparency and confidence in the President’s cognitive and physical fitness. He highlighted recent reports raising questions about Biden’s mental acuity and memory, underscoring the significance of assessing his condition ahead of the debate.

In a letter addressed to Biden and his physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Jackson pointed out the critical role of debates in providing insight into candidates’ policy positions and leadership qualities. He expressed concern over the perceived decline in Biden’s cognitive performance and urged for clarity on his medical status to reassure the American public.

While Jackson did not request a drug test for Trump, he indicated that the former president had remained consistent throughout his life. Trump himself had previously stated his willingness to undergo a drug test if Biden agreed to do the same, highlighting the ongoing scrutiny surrounding both candidates’ health and performance.

As the debate between Biden and Trump looms, Jackson’s call for a drug test adds a new dimension to the already highly anticipated event. The issue of candidate health and readiness to lead the nation is once again thrust into the spotlight, underscoring the stakes involved in the upcoming face-off between the two political heavyweights.

Written by Staff Reports

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