Republican Senator Joins Trump Train for 2024 Bid, Calls Out Soros-Backed DA

Republican senator Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi has recently extended her support for former president Donald Trump in his bid for the 2024 presidential campaign. In her statement, the senator expressed her frustration about the alleged political stunt made by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg against the former president. She added that the indictment over hush money had nothing to do with justice and called out Bragg for supposedly doing the “business of George Soros,” who was heavily involved in the group that funded him.

Hyde-Smith said that Trump’s policies on the economy, border, taxes and energy independence were the reasons that made America better. She believes that a return to Trump’s effective leadership is what America needs right now. In addition, she highlighted the former president’s efforts to address the needs of Mississippi, which led her to endorse him for another term in the white house.

She encourages not only her fellow Mississippians but also fellow Republicans across the country to support Trump and work on his behalf. The senator’s endorsement marks her support for the former president’s campaign, making her the sixth senator to support Trump in his campaign alongside republican senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Tommy Tuberville and Markwayne Mullin of Alabama and Oklahoma, respectively, Eric Schmitt of Montana, and J.D. Vance of Ohio, according to The Hill.

Hyde-Smith’s statements emphasize Trump’s policies that bring positive change for the country, and how these policies are essential moving forward. She believes that Trump’s leadership is what America needs to continue improving, and urges fellow Republicans to support Trump in his future endeavors.

Written by Staff Reports

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