Republicans Let Biden HAVE IT Over Fentanyl Crisis

As President Joe Biden mentioned the opioid crisis during his State of the Union address, Republican members of Congress took the opportunity to blame him for the rising number of deaths.

When Donald Trump was heckled by Democrats, Republicans used the same tactic against Joe Biden. They accused him of being responsible for the opioid crisis by giving control over to drug cartels.

During his speech, Biden noted that over 70,000 Americans die annually due to fentanyl.

During their speech, the Republicans talked about the border and how it is a major issue.

One member of Congress shouted at Biden, saying that it was his fault. Biden then smiled at him.

When Biden mentioned the idea of ending Medicare and Social Security, Republicans quickly responded. He was wrong, as the Republicans have already stated that these programs are not on the chopping block.

"After getting boos from the crowd, Biden said that anyone who doubts his commitment to the country should contact his office."

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall

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