Revealed: Dems Delete Key J6 Committee Records, Sparking Cover-Up Claims

The “J6” committee, run by House Democrats, has once again come under fire for failing to provide crucial documents related to the Capitol riots. The committee, which was supposed to investigate the security failures that occurred on January 6, conveniently left out records, witness depositions, and communications with the Biden White House. This is just another example of how biased and unfair this committee has been from the start.

Under Democratic leadership, the committee only included two Republicans who were vocal opponents of Donald Trump. They completely disregarded any input or defense from Trump or his legal team, making it clear that their intention was not to conduct a fair investigation, but rather to vilify Trump and place blame solely on him. This committee was nothing more than a kangaroo court with a predetermined outcome.

Representative Barry Loudermilk, a Republican from Georgia, has criticized the committee for failing to address the security failures that led to the breach of the Capitol. He revealed that the documents they received were disorganized and not indexed, making it difficult to find important information. Additionally, the committee did not have the videos of all the depositions they conducted, raising questions about what they are hiding.

Loudermilk also pointed out that the committee failed to preserve crucial communications with the Biden White House and conducted interviews with undisclosed subjects. This further raises suspicions about their true intentions and whether they are trying to cover up any wrongdoing on their part.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has also spoken out about the failures of the committee. He appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show and revealed that he had warned Congress multiple times about the high risk of an attack on the Capitol before January 6. Sund’s pleas for increased security were ignored by both Congress and the U.S. Army, leading to the chaos and violence that occurred that day.

It is clear that the “J6” committee was never interested in uncovering the truth or holding accountable those responsible for the security failures on January 6. Their biased and incomplete investigation has only served to further divide our country and undermine trust in our democratic processes. It is time for a fair and impartial investigation into what truly happened that day, one that includes all relevant information and perspectives.

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