Sabo Takes on Hollywood Elites for Hypocrisy in Biden Support Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

In Los Angeles, a street artist known as Sabo is speaking out against Joe Biden and Hollywood elites like George Clooney and his wife Amal. Despite Biden’s sinking approval ratings and weak stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict, Hollywood continues to support him with a planned fundraiser. Sabo is making sure his message is heard loud and clear, especially near the venue where the fundraiser will take place.

Sabo’s artwork includes a provocative image of Amal Clooney wearing a suicide vest with a detonator, along with critical ads targeting Biden’s family. This bold statement aims to highlight the hypocrisy of Hollywood elites who claim to support human rights causes while mingling with the wealthy and powerful.

By shedding light on Amal Clooney’s involvement with the International Criminal Court and her controversial recommendations regarding Israeli leaders, Sabo is challenging the integrity of the celebrity guests attending the fundraiser. He is also taking a swipe at Biden, referencing Ashley Biden’s confirmed diary entries about showering with her father.

Despite Sabo’s criticisms and the ongoing controversies surrounding Biden’s leadership, Hollywood continues to rally behind him. Celebrities like George Clooney and Julia Roberts are hosting fundraisers to drum up support for Biden’s re-election bid. However, their efforts may be in vain, as Biden’s recent gaffes at international events raise doubts about his competence as president.

In the face of turmoil and uncertainty, Sabo’s artwork serves as a reminder to hold politicians and celebrities accountable for their actions. By challenging the status quo and speaking out against the prevailing narrative, Sabo embodies the spirit of free speech and dissent, qualities that are essential in a healthy democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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