Sanders Backs Trump, Slams Left’s Gender Gobbledygook!

In a rather expected twist of events, former White House press secretary and Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders openly endorsed her former employer, Donald J. Trump, during a rally in Hialeah, Florida. Sanders didn't mince words, expressing her pride in endorsing the former president and taking a swipe at the left's unconventional gender policies.

"I am so proud to endorse my former boss, my friend, and everybody’s favorite president, Donald J. Trump," Sanders declared with pride, highlighting Trump's popularity. However, she didn't shy away from addressing what she perceives as the left's peculiar gender-related initiatives.

Sanders boldly stated, "I know I’m upsetting a lot of Democrats by being here tonight because they like to pretend that they are the party of women. They don’t like that the very first woman to ever serve as governor of Arkansas is a proud, conservative Republican. And my message to them is very simple: You cannot be the party of women if you cannot tell us what a woman is."

She then delved into the perceived eccentricities of the left, particularly citing the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, where the nominee struggled to define the term "woman." Sanders expressed disbelief, emphasizing the apparent confusion on the left.

The speech also touched on the Biden administration's language choices, highlighting the replacement of "mother" with "birthing people" in the 2022 fiscal year budget. Sanders ridiculed the lack of clarity in this terminology and mocked the administration's response when asked for a definition.

Sanders continued her critique, pointing out HHS's directive to address individuals by the names and pronouns they choose, part of their "Gender Identity and Non-Discrimination Guidance." She questioned the logic behind such policies, and others, calling them "Orwellian" and expressing disbelief at the origin of these ideas.

Not limiting her commentary to gender policies, Sanders went on to enumerate various issues with the Biden administration, such as inflation, rising crime rates, border security concerns, and the perceived assertiveness of China. She asserted that these challenges underline the need for change, aligning herself with Trump's vision for the future.

Recalling the prosperous period four years ago under President Trump's leadership, Sanders highlighted accomplishments such as economic growth, lower gas prices, conservative Supreme Court appointments, tax cuts, and achieving energy independence. In her view, these achievements make a compelling case for endorsing Trump once again.

In summary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders unequivocally endorsed Donald Trump while critiquing what she views as the left's unconventional gender policies and enumerating a list of grievances against the Biden administration.



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