School wastes time on ‘gender-neutral’ language, ignores poor reading and math scores

The liberal indoctrination of America’s schools continues, with the latest instance coming from the Judson Independent School District in Texas. According to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the school offered a “Women and Gender Studies” course that taught students to use “gender-neutral” language when describing jobs.

Apparently, the school wants to “include” everyone by removing “man” from job titles like “mailman” and “policeman.” According to the course materials, although these terms “reflect our past more accurately than the present, they are still used,” insisting that “language has had to change to reflect the change of the workforce.”

This is what the left does – they focus on trivial matters like gender pronouns and inclusivity instead of putting their efforts towards more significant issues like improving reading and math scores. According to U.S. News and World Report, only half of the high school students in the district are proficient in reading, while only 56% met math grade-level expectations. Yet, the school wants to teach students definitions of words like “non-binary,” “patriarchy,” and “cis-” while asking them to make common words and phrases “gender-neutral.”

Moreover, they want to create new words in place of “white lie,” “black lie,” and “alien minority” to make them less “race-biased.” Instead of wasting time on these meaningless exercises, shouldn’t the school prioritize education and teach these struggling students the skills they need to succeed in the workforce?

The curriculum also includes a lesson on “discrimination against women,” which teaches students about “occupational sex segregation.” In a research activity, students had to find what percentage of minimum wage workers are women and how much the average woman earns compared to men. But again, shouldn’t the focus be on teaching students the skills they need to find a good job and earn a decent living, rather than indoctrinating them with ideological propaganda?

It’s disappointing but not surprising that the Judson Independent School District jumped on the leftist bandwagon of promoting gender politics in the classroom. Parents should speak up and demand that their children be taught skills that will serve them well in the real world, not leftist propaganda that has no practical application.

Written by Staff Reports

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