Sen. Graham’s Statements Are ‘Irresponsible and Dangerous,’ According to Former Top DOJ Official

Mary McCord served in a high-ranking position at the Department of Justice in the past. She recently lashed out at Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) for statements he made that warned of imminent "riots in the streets" if former President Trump is punished for his alleged involvement in the Russia investigation.

The likelihood of criminal charges being brought against Donald Trump stems from the possibility that he improperly handled the materials that were seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida by the FBI very early in the morning.

McCord stated his opinion on the matter during an appearance on CNN's New Day, stating, I think it's extraordinarily reckless for an elected official to basically make veiled threatening violence, merely if police forces and the Department of Justice and a grand jury does their job.

At the Department of Justice, McCord was serving as the deputy assistant attorney general for national security during this time. With this time, she serves in a leadership role at the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection as the executive director. She continued to assert that Graham's statements were comparable to actions that former President Donald Trump may take. She explained his "game plan," which inadvertently encouraged his supporters to engage in violent behavior.

People are upset, and they may get violent, and then what [Trump] knows, and what Lindsey Graham also knows… is that people listen to that, and people really mobilize and do things in response to what they hear, and that's what they know. The events of January 6 were the direct outcome of this strategy employed by President Trump and his friends, according to McCord.

The Justice Department and a select committee from the House of Representatives are currently looking into the riot that occurred in the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. They are also concentrating on conducting a comprehensive investigation into potential influence with the presidential election in 2020.

In addition, a special grand jury has been convened in the state of Georgia to look into an effort being made by former President Trump and his supporters to overturn the results of the upcoming 2020 election in the state. Graham is currently challenging a subpoena to appear as a witness in that case.

All of these things, in conjunction with the secret materials that were taken from Mar-a-Lago, have the potential to result in legal action being taken against the former president.

While Graham was being interviewed on Fox News's "Sunday Night in America," he made the statement that Trump was being subjected to "a double standard" in comparison to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her private email server. Graham's comments were made while Graham was being interviewed. Because of this imbalance, Graham warned of riots in the streets if Trump is charged for merely mishandling secret information. The reason for this warning is that Trump has not committed any crimes.

A warrant related to this case that had been sealed up until recently revealed that Trump was also the subject of an investigation for possible violations of the Espionage Act as well as other statutes about the documents and secret materials in question.

Some others, like as McCord, are of the opinion that Graham's assessment of the potential for violence was more than just a prediction; it was also a threat.

It's reckless, it's unsafe. According to McCord, Graham should feel embarrassed of himself since this poses a danger to our democracy. 

Fred Guttenberg, an activist for the prevention of gun violence, responded to Graham's words by claiming that Graham is Trump's "mouthpiece."

He will use that as a hedge against criminal charges, and when the charges do come, he will foment violence. On Twitter, Guttenberg stated that it appears Lindsey Graham SC would act as his mouthpiece and convey the message.

The comments that Graham made to Fox News were instantly shared by the former president of the United States on his various social media platforms.

The Justice Department is undoubtedly conscious of the divide that exists in the country as well as the fact that what they are doing is extremely politically fraught. Given that this is the case, there is even more justification than before for the appointment of a special master to direct the evaluation of the evidence gathered in this investigation.

If it hasn't already, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is in danger of losing the reputation it has built for itself as a politically nonpartisan agency. The stakes keep getting upped, and every little action that is made is being watched.

Have we exhausted all possibilities for achieving true justice?

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on News Sloth.

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