Senate Dems Launch Attack on Chief Justice Roberts

The Senate Democrats are once again throwing a tantrum, this time demanding that Chief Justice John Roberts attend a hearing. Why are they making such a fuss? Well, they’re upset about a report from the left-wing meddlers at ProPublica regarding Justice Clarence Thomas’ financial disclosures that he is already amending.

Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL), along with his fellow Democrats on the committee, have reportedly sent a letter to Roberts demanding that he address the ethical conduct of Justices in his court. Durbin has even threatened to consider legislation if the court does not resolve the issue on its own. This kind of audacity is exactly what conservatives have come to expect from radical Democrats like Durbin.

The Senate Democrats seem to have lost all sense of decency as they continue to attack the Supreme Court’s conservative justices, claiming that their ethical standards are not up to par with what the American people expect of public servants. It is ironic that Durbin is demanding Roberts to come forth when members of the Biden administration are constantly ignoring Republican letters.

Democrats like Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) continuously smear the Court’s conservative justices, including Justice Thomas, and have even introduced legislation to pack the Supreme Court. They claim that they want to restore confidence in the Court’s ethical standards, yet they consistently attack and undermine the justices and their rulings.

The Senate Democrats’ priorities are laughable, especially when they react more strongly to leaks than the opinions themselves. In this case, they are focusing on the leak about the Dobbs v. Jackson case, which ultimately overturned Roe v. Wade. Instead of considering the ethical implications of leakers and the potential for violence against conservative justices, the Democrats’ concern was solely the end of Roe v. Wade.

It’s clear that the Senate Democrats’ reaction to the leak was a severe failing of leadership, and it only drew attention to their unwillingness to consider other ethical implications. They even went so far as to suggest that Justices testifying under oath regarding their respect for precedent “perhaps” had ethical implications.

Let’s face it, the Democrats are not interested in ethical standards or public service. They are only interested in advancing their leftist agenda at any cost, including attacks on the judiciary. The American people deserve better than this partisan hackery, and they should demand that the Senate Democrats get their acts together and start acting in the best interests of the country.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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