Senator Lee Exposes J6 Committee’s Deleted Files Scandal!

Senator Mike Lee from Utah is once again on a mission, and this time he’s setting his sights on the controversial January 6 congressional committee. A bombshell revelation surfaced, shedding light on the committee members deleting over 100 encrypted files shortly before the GOP took the majority in 2023. Talk about some shady business!

The committee, as Senator Lee and his conservative allies have pointed out, refused to let then House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appoint representatives, totally snubbing standard congressional procedures. And don’t get them started on the committee’s role in President Biden’s so-called “insurrection” narrative. The committee’s primetime, publicly televised hearings were even Hollywood-produced and selectively edited, casting a dark shadow on the whole shebang.

But wait, there’s more. The committee only dripped out tiny droplets from a sea of security camera footage, keeping the majority of it locked away. House Speaker Mike Johnson from Louisiana said, “Enough is enough with the secrecy,” and released the tapes for all to see.

Now, with these stunning new developments, Senator Lee is firing up the engines for a formal investigation into this incredibly biased committee. In fact, he’s not holding back, accusing folks like Liz Cheney and Adam Kizinger of hiding tapes and only leaking texts from Republicans they wanted to beat. They’ve been caught red-handed, and Lee is demanding answers, calling for a thorough inquiry into this Pelosi-led committee.

To add fuel to the fire, U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk has brought even more heat, revealing that the committee straight-up deleted deposition tapes from witnesses. And let’s talk about the most outrageous claim from former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson about the president trying to take the wheel during the protests. Apparently, Secret Service agents are calling malarkey on that one.

In response, Hutchinson is being ordered to cough up any communications or documents related to her testimony. It’s about time the truth came out! With Senator Lee leading the charge, the conservative squad is ready to put the pressure on and get to the bottom of this shady business. Watch out, Pelosi-led committee — the GOP is coming for the truth!

Written by Staff Reports

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