SHOCKING POLL: Nearly Half of California Dems Doubt Biden’s Border Security, Wake Up to Truth!

According to a recent poll conducted by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, it appears that even Democrats in California are starting to question the security of the southern border under the Biden administration. Can you believe it, folks? Even the left-leaning citizens of the Golden State are beginning to see the truth!

The poll revealed that a shocking 44% of California Democrats don’t believe the southern border is secure. That’s nearly half, folks! It seems like more and more people are waking up to the fact that the Biden administration’s approach to immigration is nothing short of a disaster. And who can blame them? With illegal immigrants pouring into our country at an alarming rate, it’s clear that we need strong border security.

But it doesn’t stop there, folks. The poll also found that 21% of California Democrats view illegal immigrants as a “major burden.” A major burden! Finally, some common sense from our liberal friends. It’s about time they realize that illegal immigration comes at a cost. And that cost falls squarely on the shoulders of hardworking American taxpayers.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting, folks. When you look at the overall numbers, it’s clear that the majority of Californians, regardless of party affiliation, are concerned about the state of our border. A whopping 62% of registered voters in California believe that the border is not secure. That’s a landslide, folks! It just goes to show that people from all walks of life can see through the empty promises of the Biden administration.

And let’s not forget about the financial impact of illegal immigration. California, already known for its excessive spending, shells out a staggering $25.3 billion annually in taxpayer dollars on services for illegal immigrants. That’s money that could be better spent on improving our schools, fixing our crumbling infrastructure, or helping Americans in need. But instead, it’s being wasted on individuals who have no right to be in our country in the first place.

The Biden administration may want to turn a blind eye to the crisis at our southern border, but the American people are not fooled. We see the truth, and we demand action. It’s time for our elected officials to prioritize the safety and security of our nation. We can’t afford to continue down this dangerous path of open borders and unchecked immigration.

So, kudos to the Democrats in California who are starting to come to their senses. It may have taken them a while, but better late than never. Let’s hope this wake-up call spreads throughout the country, and we can finally secure our borders and protect the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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