Sneaky McCarthy Boxed Biden in: No Escape From Impeachment!

It’s no surprise that impeachment discussions are heating up around Joe Biden. Despite the efforts of the media and Biden’s allies to downplay the situation, this story isn’t going away anytime soon. Credible witnesses and whistleblowers are coming forward with damning evidence. Former associates of Hunter Biden have shed light on the shady government access operations that the father and son duo were involved in. And if that wasn’t enough, over 170 suspicious activity reports have been filed regarding the family’s financial transactions. It’s clear that something fishy was going on.

But what did Joe Biden do when his son’s laptop was exposed? His Justice Department went into overdrive trying to stop any investigation into Hunter. And it seems like the attorney general’s office even lied about the independence of these federal investigations. This kind of corruption should not be tolerated, and Merrick Garland should be held accountable as well. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is starting to set a trap for Biden with the demand for his bank records. McCarthy wants to know if there was any pay to play happening, and he’s not going to let Biden off the hook easily.

Of course, we all know that Biden is never going to willingly hand over these bank statements. And that’s exactly why an impeachment inquiry should be launched. It’s time for House Republicans to show some courage and follow through with it. The reluctance on the Senate side is disheartening, but the American people deserve the truth. Let’s see if our elected officials have the stones to do what’s right.

Written by Staff Reports

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Biden’s Impeachment Trap: McCarthy Demands Bank Statements

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