Soros Jr. Targets MAGA: Vows Total Defeat in 2024!

George Soros' son, Alex, said that his goal in the 2024 presidential election is to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the next president. He noted in an op-ed published in Politico that a Trump presidency would be detrimental to Europe.

When it comes to the war in Ukraine, Donald Trump has criticized the Biden administration's funding of the conflict. He vowed to end it if he's elected in 2024. According to Trump, he has a good relationship with Putin and Zelensky, and he believes he can work with them.

George Soros stated that his Open Society Foundations is preparing for the different scenarios that may arise in the future. He also noted that the reports about him leaving Europe are inaccurate. The organization will continue focusing on its European operations.

In spite of the various changes that have occurred in the Foundation's operations, George Soros stated that the organization would continue to support Ukraine. He noted that the civil society groups that the Foundation has supported have helped the country fight against Russia.

Besides his support for Ukraine, George Soros also called for the Balkans to become a part of the European Union. He criticized the actions of Viktor Orban, who is the Prime Minister of Hungary.

Alex Soros is an active member of the Democratic Party. During the time of Joe Biden's term, he had numerous meetings with the president.

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