Stephen King Urges Biden Not to Run in 2024 Amid Democratic Doubts

Stephen King managed to scare up some headlines again, this time by throwing his musty old hat into the political ring. The super-wealthy author, best known for his horror novels and never-ending Trump-bashing, has now decided Joe Biden shouldn’t run in 2024. According to King, Biden should bow out “in the interests” of the country. Oh, the irony – as if King’s own incessant tweets have ever been in America’s best interest.

King’s Biden criticism aligns with a growing cadre of Hollywood liberals and even some Democratic politicians who are suddenly waking up to the idea that maybe, just maybe, Grandpa Joe isn’t the best candidate for another grueling campaign. This epiphany apparently follows Biden’s less-than-stellar performance at the first presidential debate. How much longer can the Democrats keep propping him up like a scarecrow in a cornfield?

It didn’t take long for this melodrama to catch the eye of X owner Elon Musk. The tech billionaire sarcastically remarked that even Stephen King seems to be leaning towards Trump. Musk, known for his increasingly vocal critiques of the current administration, isn’t playing favorites here; he’s been clear about refraining from financially backing either Biden or Trump. While Musk’s jests might sting Biden’s team, they likely provide a chuckle for the folks who tire of Hollywood’s sanctimonious lectures.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe gave Biden some airtime, where he advised worried Democrats to “challenge me at the convention” if they doubt his viability. Biden also issued a letter confirming he has no plans to step down. It seems he’s as persistent about running as he is about avoiding stairs. Meanwhile, Rob Reiner, famous for directing “The Princess Bride” and his Twitter sophistry, argued that Biden’s Morning Joe persona could silence critics who want him to step aside. Funny how a polished TV appearance can sway those who only scrutinize surface-level optics.

Even legacy Democrats are jumping ship. Abigail Disney, symbolic leftist royalty as Disney co-founder Roy Disney’s daughter, announced she’s halting her financial support for the Democrats until they push Biden out and elevate Kamala Harris. Sure, because the answer to sluggish leadership is promoting someone who calls herself a “prosecutor president” in the era of defunding the police.

Marianne Williamson, ever the sage guru of the Democratic contenders, also chimed in, accusing the Democratic National Committee of quashing competition in the primary process. She insists this backfired spectacularly and warns of a voter rebellion come November. Given the state of things, one can hardly blame Williamson for trying to introduce a little reality into the Democrats’ delusions.

So here we are: Stephen King, the Democrats’ perennial mouthpiece, suddenly realizing their anointed candidate is more albatross than president. Maybe next time, they’ll get their stars aligned a bit more carefully. For now, it’s popcorn time as the liberal elite scramble to re-write the ending to this American horror story.

Written by Staff Reports

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