Supreme Court DEFENDS Trump’s Policy! Protects American Jobs and Industry

In a major win for American steelworkers and the Trump presidency, the Supreme Court has rejected a petition brought by USP Holdings, Inc. in an attempt to have steel tariffs removed. The tariffs were put in place by then-President Donald Trump in 2018 as a way to level the playing field and fix the imbalance of steel imports to exports. Donald Trump’s wise decision has taken the US steel industry to new heights and created lucrative opportunities for hardworking Americans in the steel sector. However, large steel importers and cheap foreign labor advocates like USP Holdings have been trying to get the tariffs removed for years without success – and for good reason.

Thankfully, the Biden administration supported the retention of the tariffs, citing concerns about the massive job losses that could occur in states heavily reliant on the steel industry, such as Ohio and Pennsylvania. It is a rare moment of good judgement from Biden, who is otherwise prone to making poor decisions that hurt American workers. These tariffs, enacted under Section 232 of the Trade Act of 1962, are crucial for maintaining national security and keeping the steel industry competitive.

Despite the petitions brought by USP Holdings and Transpacific Steel LLC, lower courts have deemed that the Trump administration, under proper legal practice, did not violate any rules when enacting the tariffs. The Supreme Court has now upheld this ruling, safeguarding American jobs and the steel industry. It is clear that President Trump’s conservative agenda and commitment to creating jobs and opportunities for American citizens continues to yield dividends under President Biden. 

Written by Staff Reports

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