Supreme Court Drops Bombshell Decision on Missouri v. Biden Saga: Winners & Losers!

In a surprising turn of events, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the landmark free speech case of Missouri v. Biden. This news comes as a relief to those who believe in the protection of the First Amendment. The case originated from a ruling by United States District Court Judge Terry Doughty, who found that the Biden administration had violated the First Amendment by colluding with social media companies to censor speech. The district court issued a broad injunction prohibiting the federal government from continuing these unconstitutional practices.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the district court’s ruling but narrowed the scope of the injunction. While they found the injunction warranted, they also deemed it too broad and vague. Only one provision from the original injunction was retained and modified to prevent defendants from coercing or encouraging social media companies to censor protected free speech. The court also excluded certain government agencies from the injunction.

However, the government appealed the decision, and the Supreme Court has granted their request to stay the injunction. This means that the injunction is on hold until the court decides the case on its merits, which is expected to happen in June 2024. Not all justices agreed with this decision, with Justice Samuel Alito dissenting and expressing concerns about the implications of allowing the government to use heavy-handed tactics to control speech on social media.

This case has far-reaching implications for the protection of free speech in the digital age. It is crucial that the Supreme Court upholds the First Amendment and ensures that the government cannot infringe upon our constitutional rights. The outcome of this case will have a significant impact on the future of free speech online. As conservatives, we must remain vigilant in defending our First Amendment rights and holding the government accountable for any attempts to suppress our voices.

Written by Staff Reports

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