Ted Cruz Exposes Biden’s ‘Equity’ Fetish as Marxism in Harrowing New Book!

In his new book, Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America, Senator Ted Cruz is taking aim at the Biden administration for their embrace of “equity.” Cruz argues that by promoting equity, the Biden administration is actually promoting the principles of Cultural Marxism. According to Cruz, the Democratic Party has blurred the lines between “equity” and “equality,” a move that he believes has taken us further away from achieving equal outcomes for all.

Cruz highlights an executive order signed by President Biden shortly after taking office, which aims to address disparities in our laws, policies, and institutions. While this may seem like a noble goal, Cruz argues that the Biden administration’s treatment of “equity” and “antiracism” as the highest goals of the American government is problematic. He believes that this shift in focus detracts from the true principles of equality and individualism that our country was founded on.

As a conservative Republican, Cruz’s criticism of the Biden administration’s embrace of “equity” aligns with his belief in limited government intervention and the importance of individual responsibility. He sees the focus on “equity” as a dangerous step towards Marxism and a departure from the principles that made America great.

Cruz’s upcoming book is sure to spark debate and further discussions about the role of government in achieving equality and the dangers of embracing Marxist ideologies. As he gears up for reelection next year, Cruz remains a vocal advocate for conservative values and limited government intervention.

Written by Staff Reports

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