Ted Cruz Exposes Democratic Roadblocks to Israel Aid!

In a recent episode of “The Verdict,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) delved into the details of the Senate’s recent blocking of aid to Israel. Cruz highlighted the irony of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speaking at the “Stand With Israel” event on the same day that Senate Democrats were blocking aid to the country. He expressed his shock and disappointment that not a single Democrat would stand with Israel, calling it “one of the most tone deaf votes” he’s ever witnessed.

Cruz also pointed out that the Biden administration is trying to tie aid for Israel to Ukraine and their efforts to increase illegal immigration. He criticized the House for funding the $14 billion aid through the rescinding of funding for new IRS agents, calling it a misplaced priority.


The senator explained the procedural moves that allowed a group of senators to force a vote on military aid to Israel. He argued that Schumer was preventing a vote on emergency military aid to Israel and prioritizing other political agendas over supporting the country. Cruz suggested that Democrats saw the opportunity to hold the aid hostage for political gain.

Cruz recounted the dramatic sequence of events that unfolded on the Senate floor, leading to a straight party-line vote with every Democrat blocking support for Israel. He emphasized that even senators who claim to be defenders of Israel chose to vote against the aid. He expressed his disappointment in his Republican colleagues who initially hesitated to vote in support of the aid, as it would have blurred the distinction between the parties.

Cruz also criticized the mainstream media for their bias against Israel and the lack of coverage of the Democrats’ vote against aid. He accused the media of openly cheering for Hamas and enabling Democrats to make foolish decisions without being held accountable.

Overall, Cruz’s account of the Senate vote underscores the division between Republicans and Democrats on the issue of supporting Israel and highlights his disappointment in the Democrats’ decision to block aid.

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