Ted Cruz Shreds CNN, MSNBC, Tlaib for Wartime Falsehoods!

In a fiery and no-nonsense fashion, Senator Ted Cruz has called out the “lying” pro-Hamas propaganda being peddled by Representative Rashida Tlaib and media outlets like CNN and MSNBC. Cruz boldly stated that they are all working together to undermine the nation of Israel.

During his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the Texas Republican vented his frustration at the liberal media’s eagerness to accept Hamas officials’ claims that Israel was responsible for a missile blast in Gaza. Despite clear evidence provided by the Israeli Defense Forces, President Biden, and even Arab news sources like Al Jazeera, CNN and MSNBC continued to question Israel’s denial.

Cruz specifically targeted Representative Tlaib, who seemed to ignore intelligence indicating that the attack was actually a failed Palestinian missile aimed at Israel. The senator criticized her for stubbornly clinging to a false narrative.

Hamas has alleged that around 500 people were killed in the attack, and the media has been filled with distressing images of injured individuals flooding into hospitals. However, intelligence photos have revealed that only a few cars in the hospital parking lot were burned, suggesting a much smaller-scale incident.

To further shed light on this situation, Cruz brought on Aryeh Lightstone, a former senior advisor to Ambassador David Friedman. Lightstone himself made light of the reporting, sarcastically remarking, “There may have been some Toyotas as well.” He went on to express his disbelief at the barbaric behavior exhibited by Hamas and highlighted the toll it has taken on Israeli society.

Cruz staunchly defended the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), commending their exceptional military capabilities and emphasizing that they typically target military objectives. He also took aim at the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists, describing their rockets as nothing more than crude projectiles filled with explosive materials, metal fragments, and shrapnel intended to murder civilians indiscriminately.

In a scathing rebuke, Cruz accused the media, including Representative Tlaib, CNN, and MSNBC, of knowingly spreading lies to further their own anti-Israel narrative. He suggested that their biased agenda and desire to undermine Israel were more important to them than reporting the truth. These strong words highlight Cruz’s unwavering support for Israel and his disdain for biased media coverage.

Written by Staff Reports

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