The GOP Just Made A HUGE Commitment For Parental Rights

The Republican representatives in the House of Representatives have stated once more that if their party is victorious in the upcoming elections and takes control of the lower house, they will provide parents with a greater degree of influence over the education of their offspring.

In a video that was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, Representative Bill Johnson of Ohio stated that the cost of closing schools fell on the children of the country while teacher unions continued to get compensated for their services. In addition to that, he had negative things to say about online education. According to Johnson, pupils who learn online fall several years behind their contemporaries who study the traditional manner.

After that, Johnson blasted the government of Vice President Joe Biden for labeling as "domestic terrorists" parents who do not want their children's schools to close. He spent a lot of time discussing the Republican Party's plan to take a different approach and work toward strengthening parental rights.

Johnson stated, "We aknow that parents matter." "When the Republicans earn back control of the House in November, we will pass our Parent's Bill of Rights, recover lost earnings caused by extended school closures, expand parental choice so that more students can receive the best education, and ensure that only women can compete in women's sports." 

"When the Republicans win back control of the House in November, we will pass our Parent's Bill of Rights." This, is our commitment to the United States of America.

A proposal for the Parental Bill of Rights has already been introduced in the Senate by Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, who represents the state of Missouri.

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