The Results are In: Elon to Step Down as Twitter Chief?

Elon Musk’s attempt to get the public’s opinion on whether he should resign as the head of Twitter ended early Monday morning. The results of the poll showed that most of the respondents want him to step down as the Twitter boss.

He promised to abide by the results of the poll, which had 57.5% of the respondents voting yes, while 42.5% did not.

The results of the poll showed that over 17 million people voted on whether or not Elon Musk should resign as the head of Twitter. His chaotic reign has been marked by various changes, such as the mass layoffs and the replatforming of accounts that violated the platform’s rules.

Before the poll was conducted, Musk was criticized by some former supporters of the platform for introducing a new policy that prevented users from linking to other social media sites. The policy was immediately removed. Musk also said that he would allow users to decide on the future of the platform’s policies.

The strange turn of events surrounding Musk’s attempt at the public’s opinion shows how he has become more unpredictable. He has been engaged in a one-sided feud with Apple, disseminated a conspiracy theory about the attack on US House of Representatives speaker Paul Pelosi, and made a decision regarding who should be allowed on Twitter based on his feelings.

The increasing number of changes and statements made by Musk has created more uncertainty regarding the advertising industry, which is Twitter’s biggest revenue source. Several companies have already suspended their advertising on the platform since Musk took over in October. According to Dan Ives, an analyst at investment firm, Twitter is expected to lose around $4 billion annually due to the advertiser exodus.

In response to a tweet sent by MIT artificial intelligence expert Lex Fridman, who said he would like to be the next CEO of Twitter, Musk noted that he wasn’t completely happy with his current position.

He noted that the company had been in a “fast lane to bankruptcy” since May.

Other volunteers also took note of the results of the poll and posted their own questions about the issue. Celebrity rapper Snoop Dog created a poll on his Twitter page asking if he should be the next CEO of Twitter.

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