The White House Denounces Videos Highlighting Biden’s Frequent Gaffes as Deceptive

The White House is fed up with those sneaky videos showing President Joe Biden stumbling over his words like he’s doing a verbal tap dance. The Daily Beast tried to rain on the parade of clips showcasing Biden’s cognitive slip-ups, claiming they were all twisted and contorted. But let’s be real, we’ve all seen Uncle Joe have more brain farts than a herd of cows on a hot summer day.

The White House threw some serious shade at the “cheap fakes” being peddled by conservative news sources, calling them out for their lack of journalistic integrity. But come on, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, and Biden’s gaffes are as glaring as a neon sign on a foggy night.

The report painted a picture of Republicans and right-leaning media as the bad guys for daring to shine a spotlight on Biden’s mental hiccups. It’s like they expect us to ignore the elephant in the room and focus on the dust bunnies instead.

Despite the efforts to debunk the videos, the truth remains that Biden’s mental acrobatics have been on full display for months. Whether he’s claiming he was vice president during the pandemic (spoiler alert: he wasn’t) or struggling to remember when his own son passed away, the evidence speaks for itself.

And let’s not forget the kicker – a poll showing that most Americans think Biden should retire the presidential hot seat because he’s collecting too many candles on his birthday cake. So, as the circus of political theatrics continues, one thing’s for sure: Uncle Joe’s verbal gymnastics are the gift that keeps on giving to both late-night comedians and conservative news outlets alike.

Written by Staff Reports

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