These 2024 Poll Results Show Biden In BIG Trouble

Emerson released a survey showing that Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden in a potential 2024 presidential rematch.

The results of the survey show that Trump leads Biden by three points, with 44 percent of respondents supporting him compared to 41 percent for Biden. There are still some areas where the two candidates can improve, with 10 percent of the respondents stating that they would support another candidate, and four percent undecided.

In the past couple of months, Trump's polling has improved. In November, Emerson had given Biden a four-point lead over Trump, with the former at 45 percent and the latter at 41 percent.

A survey conducted on Tuesday revealed that 43 percent of Americans consider the economy to be the country's most important issue. Healthcare was next at 13 percent.

The sentiment of Americans regarding the economy was also a factor in the presidential race between Biden and Trump, as the latter led the former by four points in a Harvard-Harris poll released on Friday. The survey revealed that most Americans are pessimistic about the country's economic situation, with 53 percent stating that it is getting worse, and four in five expecting the country to go into a recession next year.

Emerson also noted that Trump is the preferred candidate of the Republican primary voters in 2024. The survey showed that Trump leads Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by a wide margin of 55-29.

A survey conducted by Emerson for 1,015 US voters from January 19 to 21 had a margin of error of three percent. A similar survey was conducted by the Harvard CAPS-Harris for 2,050 registered voters from January 18 to 19.

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