Top Senator Issues WARNING to Biden Regarding his War on Trump

Recently, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina stated that he believes there will be anarchy in our streets if the federal government prosecutes former President Trump for the improper handling of secret materials. 

According to reports, Lindsey Graham issued a warning on FOX News, predicting that there would be "riots in the streets." if the government shutdown continued. This information has been reported by Townhall.

The senator from South Carolina claims that President Trump is subjected to "double standards," and adds that the legislation does not apply to the past president. 

According to Townhall, President Trump re-posted the FOX interview on his Truth Social account, which indicates that he thought it was important enough to recommend to others and provide his support to.

This comes as a result of the Department of Justice releasing pictures showing documents, many of which were labeled 'top secret,' that were found on the carpet of President Trump's Mar-a-Lago property during the FBI search that took place on August 8th. A fresh report was sent to us by the Department of Justice, and it contained these photographs.

As a response to the photographs, President Trump allegedly said, as reported by the Daily Mail, that the FBI agents may have been faking that it was him who dropped the classified documents on the floor of Mar-a-Lago. This was reportedly said by Trump in response to the images. Reportedly, Trump responded to the images by mentioning this point in his statement.

In a separate communication, the President of the United States stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is deliberately planting seeds of doubt in order to create the appearance that there is a lot more to the tale than was previously believed.

He added that in order to give the appearance to the media that they had made a "big find" they took the papers out of their packing, dropped them on the ground, and distributed them in order to give the idea that they had removed the papers from their packaging.

In addition, he gave the impression that there may have been some type of unlawful behavior since he asserted that no counsel for him was allowed to be there during the search, and that this included his own legal team. He said that this was a violation of his constitutional rights.

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