Transgender Athlete Wins Girls State Title, Faces Cold Reception

A transgender Washington state girls' 400-meter sprint 2A state champion lamented the lack of sportsmanship among female athletes. East Valley High School runner Veronica Garcia won the state championship at Washington State University in 55.75 seconds. She is "somewhat hurt" by her competitors' lack of congratulations, a report says.

Garcia said, "I guess I expected sportsmanship because I cheered the rest on when called, so I wanted that to be returned. I didn't understand." She said, "I'm an adolescent. I hope people remember."

Transgender student-athletes in Washington do not need testosterone suppression or hormone replacement. Garcia has not admitted to using hormone replacement treatment or puberty blockers.

Transgender women competing against cisgender women without hormone therapy raises questions about women's sports fairness. Many say letting transgender people compete without hormone controls taints women's sports.

Written by Staff Reports

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