Trump Backs Wrestling Champ Rep. Jordan in Race for House Speaker

In a move that is sure to rock the political landscape, former President Donald Trump has officially entered the race for House Speaker, and he’s not holding back in his endorsement. Trump has thrown his support behind the hardline conservative Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who has been making waves as chair of the powerful House Judiciary Committee.

On Truth Social, the social media platform Trump recently launched, the 45th president praised Jordan’s leadership on the House Judiciary Committee, where he has been overseeing important investigations into the Biden family’s questionable financial activities. It seems that President Trump values Jordan’s tenacity and grit, which he attributes to his successful career as a Division I wrestler.

But it’s not just Jordan’s athleticism that has caught Trump’s attention. The former president also commends him for his strong stance on issues like border security, law and order, and the Second Amendment. Trump believes that Jordan’s conservative values are exactly what the Republican party needs right now.

The battle for control of the House Republican caucus is heating up, with Jordan and Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana emerging as the frontrunners. While Scalise has relied on traditional campaigning tactics and fundraising, Jordan has taken a different approach.

Jordan has been courting conservative media outlets to rally support and pressure his colleagues to back him. He believes that he can unite not only the House Republican caucus but also the conservative Republican movement across the country. His vision includes reducing aid to Ukraine and putting more pressure on the White House to secure the southern border.

It’s clear that Jordan’s approach resonates with Trump, who sees him as the perfect candidate to lead the Republicans as House Speaker. With Trump’s endorsement, Jordan’s chances of securing the position have skyrocketed.

As the battle for House Speaker continues, it will be interesting to see if Jordan’s conservative platform and Trump’s endorsement are enough to secure him the coveted role. One thing is for certain, though: the Republican party is heading in a bold and conservative direction, one that aligns with Trump’s vision for America.

Written by Staff Reports

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