Trump Calls Anderson Cooper to Testify in Defamation Case: Shocking Twist!

Donald Trump, the former President, is slated to appear as a witness in the impending trial that involves allegations that he sexually assaulted journalist E. Jean Carroll several years ago. His defense counsel has included CNN’s Anderson Cooper as a possible witness and has submitted a list of individuals they plan to summon to give testimony during the civil trial that is scheduled to take place in New York City in April. Trump’s attorneys aim to focus on Carroll’s publication contracts that materialized when she first made the accusations, and they have selected witnesses from the publishing and fashion sectors to support their case.

In his defense strategy, Trump plans to use a past interview of Carroll with Anderson Cooper in which she stated, “I think most people think of rape as being sexy. They think of the fantasies.” Carroll took legal action against Trump for defamation after he accused her of fabricating the rape allegations for the purpose of promoting her book. Additionally, she has filed a lawsuit for sexual battery against Trump, citing the New York Adult Survivors Act, which was enacted last year and enables victims of past abuse to file claims even if the statute of limitations has expired.

In an October sworn deposition, Trump denied the allegations and criticized Carroll, stating, “She said that I did something to her that never took place. There was no nothing. I know nothing about this nut job. I think she’s sick, mentally sick.” He has consistently maintained that the encounter never happened, and his attorney made a similar claim in a recent court document.

Trump has consented to give a DNA sample for comparison with the stains on the dress worn by Carroll on the night of the alleged attack. However, Joseph Tacopina, Trump’s lawyer, has accused Carroll and her legal team of seeking publicity through this request. He stated that “Mr. Trump’s DNA is either on the dress or it is not,” and that Carroll’s lawyers have declined to make public approximately 12 pages of the DNA report they obtained, claiming “she knows his DNA is not on the dress because the alleged sexual assault never took place.”

The upcoming trial between former President Donald Trump and journalist E. Jean Carroll is sure to be a spectacle, as both sides prepare to call witnesses and present evidence. Trump has expressed his willingness to testify as a witness, as well as provide a DNA sample, while Carroll has filed a lawsuit for both defamation and rape. She claims that Trump had violently raped her after what was supposed to be a friendly encounter at a luxury Manhattan department store in late 1995 or early 1996. Trump’s legal team has identified CNN host Anderson Cooper as a potential witness too, and they have chosen witnesses from the publishing and fashion industries in order to emphasize Carroll’s publication deals that arose when she initially made these accusations. The trial is set to occur in New York City in April and will surely be one of the most highly anticipated events of 2021.

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