Trump Campaign Pushes for Earlier, More Frequent Presidential Debates

The Trump campaign is making big demands for the upcoming presidential debates. They want the debates to start earlier and happen more often. They’re worried that if the debates don’t start soon, lots of people will have already voted and won’t get to hear what the candidates have to say before choosing who to support.

President Biden, on the other hand, isn’t saying whether he will debate former President Trump. A recent poll from Fox News said that most voters think if Biden skips the debates, it shows he’s not very strong.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has already picked out dates and places for the showdowns. But Trump’s campaign thinks they should happen earlier, to give more people the chance to hear from the candidates before they start voting.

The Republican National Committee also thinks there should be more debates. They say the debates shouldn’t happen after millions of Americans have already voted, because then those voters won’t get to hear the solutions the candidates have to offer for important issues like the economy, the border, and crime.

Even some of the big TV networks are getting in on the action. They want Biden to debate Trump to help bring people together and make things less divided. They’re eager to host the debates and want to make sure everyone gets to see the differences between the candidates.


Written by Staff Reports

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