Trump Challenges Biden to Drug Test Before Debate, Questions Fitness for Office

Looks like Donald Trump is shaking things up again, and this time he’s calling out President Joe Biden for what many conservatives have suspected for a while: is Joe Biden on something? The suggestion dropped like a bombshell on Monday when Trump took to Truth Social, proposing that both he and Biden should take a drug test before their upcoming debate. Nothing says “fit for office” like proving you’re not on performance enhancers, right?

While some might roll their eyes, the idea isn’t exactly out of left field. Ever since Biden’s shockingly peppy State of the Union address, rumors have been circulating faster than CNN can twist a story. Let’s be real: anyone who’s seen Biden struggle to complete a coherent sentence on a normal day has to wonder what miracle drug he was on that night. Trump suggesting a drug test isn’t just hilarious; it’s common sense.

This Thursday, Trump and Biden are gearing up to square off in Georgia. Hosted by the always unbiased (sarcasm intended) CNN and moderated by Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, the debate promises to be a circus of epic proportions. But one thing’s for sure: Trump, at 78, is no spring chicken, but compared to Biden, who’s hitting a whopping 81, he looks ready to run a marathon. And no, that’s not because he’s popping mystery pills.

Both candidates have had their fair share of gaffes, but it doesn’t take a genius to see who’s more mentally sharp for the job. With Biden’s train wrecks of sentences and Trump’s no-nonsense attitude, this debate could be as entertaining as watching a walrus try to dance ballet.

One thing is clear: the American public is in for a show, and come Thursday, all eyes will be on whether Biden can keep up or if Trump’s call for a drug test was the icebreaker for a much-needed conversation about Biden’s fitness for a second term. Get your popcorn ready, folks.

Written by Staff Reports

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