Trump Decimates Haley in NH Poll, Eyes Commanding Lead!

In the most recent survey, former President Donald Trump has surged ahead with a substantial double-digit lead in New Hampshire, leaving former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley trailing behind. The CNN poll, conducted from Jan. 16-19, indicates that Trump has reestablished a formidable 11-point lead over Haley, securing the support of half of the New Hampshire primary electorate.

The poll underscores Trump's unwavering dominance, with Haley at a distant 39%, showcasing a significant gap between her and the former president. Despite a brief narrowing of the gap to just seven percentage points, Trump's support in New Hampshire appears steadfast. The survey also reveals an increase in support for both candidates, signaling strong backing from the people of New Hampshire for the conservative leadership of both Trump and Haley.

Even Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, a rising star in the Republican Party, has struggled to gain significant traction in the state, garnering only 6% support. His lackluster performance falls short of the 10% threshold required to secure delegates in New Hampshire, highlighting the challenges he faces in competing with the heavyweight contenders.

With one in five Republican primary voters still undecided, momentum appears to be favoring Haley. However, the outcome remains uncertain, as it is yet to be seen whether these undecided voters will be sufficient to propel Haley to victory in the upcoming primary. As the stakes rise, the clash between Trump and Haley in New Hampshire promises to be a heated and closely-watched showdown.

Conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, the CNN poll surveyed 1,210 likely Republican primary voters, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points. The results underscore the resolute support for Trump in New Hampshire, setting the stage for an exciting and closely-monitored primary race.

Written by Staff Reports

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