Trump Leads Biden in Iowa as Midwest Support Wanes

Former President Donald Trump continues to strengthen his support in Iowa, which raises concerns about President Biden’s popularity in the Midwest and Rust Belt states. In a recent Iowa poll by Des Moines Register/Mediacom, Mr. Trump leads with 50% compared to Mr. Biden’s 32%. This indicates a decrease in support for Mr. Biden since the 2020 election, where Mr. Trump won Iowa with 53% to 45%. Pollster Frank Luntz noted that this trend may affect Mr. Biden’s appeal in other competitive Midwestern states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

Despite Mr. Biden’s struggle to regain the support he had in 2020, the Real Clear Politics average of polls shows a close race between him and Mr. Trump in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. This is a notable shift from four years ago when Mr. Biden led in these states by significant margins.

The Biden campaign is hoping to regain support from voters discontent with Mr. Trump following his recent conviction on multiple felony counts related to hush money payments. However, national polls indicate that only a small portion of the electorate is reconsidering their support for Mr. Trump. In response, the Biden campaign launched a new ad campaign emphasizing the importance of character in the election.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has continued to defend himself against the conviction, alleging that Mr. Biden weaponized the justice system against him. He plans to emphasize this message along with addressing illegal immigration in his upcoming campaign rallies. Additionally, Mr. Trump has been making efforts to appeal to African American voters in Michigan, claiming to be the best president for Black people.

Overall, the current political landscape in these key states suggests a challenging road ahead for Mr. Biden in his bid for reelection.

Written by Staff Reports

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