Trump Levels Biden Over $100M Palestine Aid Shockwave

In a scathing rebuke of President Joe Biden’s foreign policy decisions, former President Donald Trump expressed his disappointment with the administration’s decision to provide $100 million in aid to the Palestinians. Trump criticized Biden’s choice, saying it was “totally inappropriate” given the current situation with U.S. and Israel hostages being held captive. He also drew attention to the fact that Iran seems to be pulling the strings behind this decision, much like it did with the Ukraine scandal.

During a break in his ongoing civil trial, Trump took the opportunity to share his grievances with a reporter. He questioned the appropriateness of sending money to the Palestinians while the Biden administration is in Israel. According to Trump, these actions are ill-timed and raise questions about Biden’s judgment.

Trump also pointed out another questionable decision by Biden, namely the concessions made to Iran, specifically in regard to the release of $6 billion held by South Korea. In exchange for this money, Iran released five Americans that it had been holding captive. Trump believes that these actions demonstrate a lack of strength and the potential for a dangerous relationship between Biden and the Ayatollah of Iran.

The recent explosion at a Christian hospital in Gaza has further complicated matters, as Hamas initially blamed Israel for the incident. U.S. intelligence assessments, however, attribute the explosion to Islamic Jihad, based on satellite data and communications chatter. This incident, along with the ongoing propaganda campaign by Hamas, has resulted in diplomatic fallout for Biden. Meetings between Biden and various Middle Eastern leaders were canceled due to the hospital incident in Gaza.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also voiced her criticism of Biden’s actions, accusing him of funding Hamas and drawing parallels between him and the Ayatollah of Iran. Greene went as far as referring to “The Squad” as the “Hamas Caucus,” further intensifying the political controversy.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government issued a warning to Gaza residents, urging them to evacuate due to the possibility of military ground operations targeting Hamas. This announcement has sparked protests both in the Middle East and in cities across the United States.

Critics argue that Biden’s decisions regarding aid to Palestinians and concessions to Iran are misguided and undermine American interests. They believe these actions could embolden terrorist groups and put both American and Israeli lives at risk. In a time when strong leadership is needed, many conservatives question whether Biden is up to the task. Only time will tell how these decisions will impact the region and U.S. foreign policy moving forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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