Trump Marks Birthday, Highlights Biden Age Gap as Election Looms

Former President Donald Trump is celebrating his birthday, highlighting the age gap between him and President Joe Biden as they compete for the title of the oldest person inaugurated in U.S. history. At 78, Biden is four years older than Trump, who is 81. Despite this small age difference, Trump has faced little criticism regarding his age, while Biden is under increasing pressure to perform well at the upcoming debate.

Trump is poised to become the oldest presidential candidate in history to accept his party’s nomination at the Republican National Convention next month. However, his record will last only four weeks before Biden accepts the Democratic nomination. Concerns have been raised about Biden’s age, with polls showing that even some of his supporters worry he may be too old for the presidency. 


Experts have weighed in on the candidates' ages, with Republican strategist Brad Todd highlighting Trump’s vigor as his campaign’s strongest asset. However, an ABC News and Ipsos poll found that respondents consider both Biden and Trump too old for the presidency.

Former President Barack Obama also left the White House after two terms noticeably grayer than on his first Inauguration Day. Meanwhile, Trump, who has faced skepticism over his medical records, does not seem to have aged as visibly.

Trump is celebrating his birthday with Club 47 USA at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in Florida on Friday night, where supporters are invited to join the festivities. The ongoing age comparison between Trump and Biden continues to be a focal point as the 2024 election approaches.

Written by Staff Reports

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