Trump Ramps Up Attacks on Biden and Fox News Ahead of Debate

Donald Trump is gearing up for another knock-down-drag-out match against Joe Biden, and he’s not pulling any punches ahead of time. Hours before facing off against Biden on the debate stage, Trump took to Truth Social to deliver a blistering critique, highlighting Biden as a threat to democracy and the country's very survival. It was an all-caps rant in classic Trump fashion that left no room for misinterpretation.

In quick succession, Trump turned his sights on Fox News, questioning why they seemingly parade around Biden’s allies. He pointed out the appearance of Michael Tyler, Biden’s communications director, who, according to Trump, was allowed to spout lies with minimal pushback. It’s clear Trump isn’t thrilled with Fox News these days—especially after they released a poll showing him trailing Biden. Trump slammed the poll as trash and accused the network of using a biased, Democrat-leaning sample.

The Biden camp wasted no time firing back through spokesperson Ammar Moussa, who claimed Tyler is living rent-free in Trump’s head. But if anyone’s living rent-free, it’s Biden and his administration living rent-free in taxpayers’ wallets with nothing short of disastrous policies.

Trump’s third post zeroed in on Biden’s immigration policies, describing them as a nightmare for women when it comes to border issues. And he’s not wrong. The border crisis has been a focal point for Republicans, and it’s reasonable to expect Trump will hammer home this point during the CNN debate.

As the heavyweight showdown looms, all eyes will be on the debate taking place at CNN headquarters in Atlanta. Other networks, including Fox News, will be broadcasting the event live. Whether Trump will have kind words for Fox News by the night's end remains to be seen, but if history is any indicator, sparks are set to fly.

Written by Staff Reports

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